Glasgow School of Art BA(hons) Painting & Printmaking - 2008


The mutability of earth and man’s existence is never ending: cycles of birth/death, creation/destruction – a perennial subject but in itself ever-changing.  Shelley’s famous lines from Alastor give weight to man’s condition:

Man's yesterday may ne'er be like his morrow;
Nought may endure but mutability!
No matter which age we live in, this is true:  that constant tension with the supposedly finite man-made environment that consumes our natural world; our human experience that is born from a chaotic and uncertain reality – a reality that is not a reality but a world that is mutable – redolent of constant change.
From this mutability rises the juxtaposition of essence and nothingness. Mankind’s fate of creating, destroying; making a metaphysical essence that is nothingness; control that is chaos - all can be seen in our urban landscapes.  
To me this is analogous to the process of making paintings. My paintings are made with deliberate and spontaneous marks:  a desire to reproduce that controlled/chaotic process. In rejecting the traditional visual components of painting: metaphor, symbolism and narrative, I instead focus on the raw nature of making paintings. I create tactile objects by adopting a fluctuating compositional framework in a desire to create a concrete aesthetic from the memory of a real place. Using the qualities inherent in the physicality of paint - color, texture, transparency/opacity, reflectivity - and by destroying the image, recreating it and repeating this cycle until it is resolved I produce in my work that cycle of growth-destruction-nothingness and regrowth of constant mutability; straining to imbue the surface with all the paradoxes and complexities of experience.